How to earn Money From Instagram, YouTube, Facebook Reels 2024

Get sponsorships from Brands and Monetise Your Social Media Content.

Flytant provides you the platform to monetise your social media content by connecting micro, macro and all kinds of influencers with Brands.

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Search Engine – Brands can find and search influencers for specific niche for your brands. Connect with them and get them onboard for your brand’s promotion.

Social Score – Brands can get access to influencers social score to know their real worth. Pay them according to their social score.

Transparency – Brands can get real time access to influencers data and much more detail about their social media handles likes engagement ratio, likes per post, impressions and many more such stuff.

Brand Deals – Influencers get engaged with hundreds of brands and monetise your social media content with amazing brand deals.

Real Messages – Unlike other platform here influencers will get deal with only real brands and no spam.

Social Card – Influencers can create their social card to display the brands your real worth and get amazing sponsorship deals to get started.

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Flytant gives access to Social Search Engine where you can find quality content creators and connect with them directly for promotion or sponsorship.

On Flytant you can find real time analytics of various influencers and know their engagement rates and many such analytics.

Flytant shows the social score of every influencer, hence you know how much they are worth. Social Score is calculated using a complicated algorithm where we take lots of factors into consideration to calculate the score.

Flytant provides the best influencer marketplace where you can connect with both brands and influencers together.

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How it works?

Brands can simply go to the sponsorship section and create campaign to connect with influencers and get the best influencers on board.

Brands can also find influencers for their niche and connect with them directly for sponsorship deals.

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Infleuncers can create their profile and get access to tons of feature to know their social worth.

Infleuncers can apply for brand deals to get amazing sponsorship deals and monetise their social media content

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